Saturday, January 14, 2012


In the early 1990s I was assoc. Pastor of Outreach ministries; under Sr. Pastor Dr. George W. Westlake Jr. Sheffield family Life Center A.G. Kansas City, Mo.

  We established the first Chapter of Exodus International in the state of Missouri. This ministry is "hated", and despised by the demonic activist homosexual community and the main stream media entertainment and news. The fact is if only "1" individual is permanently delivered from this degrading lie of the devil, it’s worth the effort. The fact is the organizations track record is far better than that. Disgruntled members and officials are exploited by the "main stream media" to "expose’" it's "so called" failures. In spite of this unyielding assault, they have carried on Nationwide. They must have hit a nerve...because the enemy is crying foul!!! “Let God be true and every man a lier”. I have been very disappointed to see some of the most powerful Pastor's in the country, when given the opportunity on national TV to speak up on not only this issue, but also the absolute, uncompromising, necessity of believing in our Lord Jesus Christ, as the "Only Way" of avoiding the eternal judgment of God....hurts to see men of God you may have learned a lot from become "Politically Correct “under the glaring lights of the media and the National audience...God forgive them..

St John 3:16-17,35-36

Genesis Chapter Two Epic

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