Saturday, June 8, 2013

Al Taqiyya - Islam Muslims and Lies

QUITE COUP" Reflecting on today's congressional hearings and various administration responses to the "BREACH OF TRUST" committed by various branches of this administration. I have come to the conclusion that this administration is running like on out of control "LA COSTA NOSTRA" CHICAGO STYLE. Ms Valerie Jarrod in her capacity as White House Chief of Staff is the POWER BEHIND THE THRONE, orchestrating all "COUNTER ATTACKS" making sure those who dare challenge the insane policies of the regime are let's say "PROPERLY PENALIZED" and all the "CAPO"S" (administration dept heads) are given guidance and protection along with "REINSURANCE" that they are "INSULATED FROM THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS"...I quote Ms Jarrod concerning A.G..Holder's possible resignation "BELIEVE ME HE WILL BE AROUND FOR QUITE SOMETIME"...Hmm That brings me to the "SCANDAL FOR TODAY...VERIZON"...Really? this criminal enterprise has the "GOODS" on all of congress...HOLDER REFUSE TO SAY TO WHAT EXTENT. This is J.EDGAR HOOVER ON STAIROIDS! This fact seems to answer the lingering question ..HOW IS OBAMA GETTING AWAY UNCHALLANGED IN ALL THESE SCANDALS IE, CONTEMPT OF SUPREME COURT,CONGRESS,FAST AND FURIOUS,BENGAHZI, SEAL TEAM SIX ASSASINATION? How are they getting away with militarizing the DHS and casually ignoring question concerning ammunition purchases only responding with arrogant statements about "saving money"? How are they getting away with bringing the Muslim Brotherhood right into the most sensitive parts of our nation's decision making center the White House. How are they justifying allowing the establishment of "ARMED MUSLIM COMPONDS ACCROSS THIS NATION', while at the same time making an all out assault on citizen 2nd Amend rights? The list goes on and on. The troubling attack on our military and its traditions imposing social engineering demand that degrade it's war fighting capability and moral. First Amend attacks designed to protect "Islam", and grease the track for the imposition of "SARIAH LAW" nationwide. Stripping the Law enforcement and military Intelligence to the ability to profile based upon the "ISLAMIC CONNECTION"...leaving the nation open to a terrorist attack this is (along with all the above) TREASON PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Now we come to the MILLION DOLLAR question with a house majority and a mountain of PROBABLE CAUSE concerning OBAMA'S ELIGIBILTY TO EVEN BE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES...WHY HA SN'T SPEAKER BOENER OPENED A HEARING ON THIS CRUCIAL MATTER? FEAR?BLACKMAIL?...WHICH BRING US FULL CIRCLE...BACK TO VERIZON. IN CONCLUSION IT IS OBVIOUS WE HAVE EXPERIENCED A "QUITE COUP"...NOT A SHOOT FIRED. THE MASK CAME OFF TODAY AND THIS ADMINSTRATION IS DARING ANYONE TO STOP THEM, AND PROCLAIMING NO ONE WILL ANSWER OR STEP DOWN. THINK ABOUT THIS . S E L A H

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