Monday, June 10, 2013

Islam Supporters Bully College Republicans Out Of Their Own Event (Short...

My nephew ask me the other day was I apart of the "TEA PARTY" answer is YES NO APOLOGY...why?  It's the only forum where the truth is still the BOTTOM LINE it has no COLOR inspite of the LIES PUT OUT BY THE POVERTY PIMPS,AND LIBERAL MEDIA. This posting is about the TRUTH and what will happen on a massive scale if the BLACK COMMUNITY and WHITE LIBERAL COMMUNITY continue to willingly reject the facts of what is transpiring right out in the open for the world to see...I am hurting like Jeremiah must have hurt when the PROPHETIC FREIGHT TRAIN APPROACHED THE NATION OF JUDAH...NO ONE WANTED TO HEAR WHAT HE HAD TO SAY...REJECTION OF THE TRUTH AND TURNING YOUR BACK ON IT WILL NOT SAVE YOU FROM THE CONSEQUENCE.  S  E  L  A  H

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