Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Person of Interest: Maxine Watters?

Hey come on now!!.. How is the young man from NSA  a traitor and not MAD MAX?? She divulged this before the conversation began!! Described his capabilities in detail. This goes a long way in explaining the lack of GOP counter attacks and Supreme Court cop-out. She would be privy via the BLACK CONGRESSIONAL CAUCUS to PRISM'S capabilities. This administration's power is found in it's ability to acquire information on every aspect of a person's personal day  to day life. From the homosexual marriage issue and OBAMACARE to Gen Petrais and Speaker of the House Rep. Boenier, all are being intimidated by the administration's power to expose and blackmail. I know some of you will just say great! good for  him! a BLACK MAN in control...All I will say to that is YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID   S  E  L  A  H

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