Wednesday, July 24, 2013

February 5, 2013 8:36 am
You may ask yourself "where will the OBAMA regime find soldiers who will fire on American civilians?" because they refuse to give up their guns...Think about it...they have had nearly 40 years to educate and indoctrinate from kindergarten to post graduates in the doctrines of "situational ethics,secular humanism/evolution (the state religion), and anti-Judeo/Christian traditions of faith,family and country. Now it's just a matter of "weeding out" those how did not get the memo. This fact alone should cause all to redouble our efforts while we still can and remain breathing. GOD HELP US,AND THE REMNANT OF GOD'S PEOPLE IN THIS NATION FOR WE ARE THE GREAT MELTING POT...IN THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS THE FIFTH CHAPTER IT SAYS WE ARE CALLED OUT OF "EVERY KINDRED, TONGUE,PEOPLE AND NATION"....TRUST IN THE LORD, AND BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE, WE HAVE THE INEVITABLE VICTORY.

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