Saturday, October 12, 2013

Neil Cavuto Crushes Obama Over Latest Attack Against FOX News

PUNDITS & POLLS: I was looking at FOX NEWS yesterday,and was very disappointed by the lack of resolve coming from some of the so called "TEA PARTY SUPPORTERS". They are terrified by the polling data that appears to show support for the REPUBLICAN PARTY'S TEA PARTY WING SLIPPING. This is not a popularity contest or a class on HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE. It seems courage,integrity,resolve,truth are terms only a precious few like SENATOR CRUZ UNDERSTAND. THEIR RESLOVE IS SCARING THE HELL OUT OF THE ESTABLISHMENT "BUSINESS AS USUAL" REPUBLICANS AND CONFUSING THE MSM BY IGNORING THEIR SCARE TACTICS. AT THE END OF THE DAY AN HONEST PERSON CAN LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND SAY "LORD I TOLD THE TRUTH". SELAH

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