Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WAKE UP AMERICA! IV - American Patriot Ann Barnhardt on Usurper Obama

This "SISTER" is spot on and IN YOUR FACE WITH THE TRUTH....The following is a statement made by Dr. Alan Keyes same topic......

Limbaugh, Coulter, and the anti-impeachment complex
 By Alan Keyes

Last week, in reaction to a statement by Rush Limbaugh, I wrote a column on the malevolent manipulation of racist stereotypes involved in the notion that "you can't impeach the first black president." In the article, I did not criticize Rush Limbaugh for making the statement. Like many others, I was willing to assume that he did so with sarcastic intent. Not long after, however, I ran across a report with video of Ann Coulter matter-of-factly suggesting that Obama's offenses are such that she thinks "he would be impeached if he weren't America's first black president."There's enough of the detective in me that I have a hard time believing this is just a coincidence. I hear the same destructive lie from two highly visible people, both of them widely assumed to be conservative and sympathetic to the GOP. I have to suspect that a "party line" is being developed. The first step: Repeat a lie so often, and in a sufficiently off-hand way, that it slips into the subconscious backdrop of thought, as something that must simply be taken for granted.Grifters and other skilled disinformation experts know that a lie, successfully seeded into the subconscious, will later become an unexamined assumption of fact. As such, it can make an indispensable contribution to the success of whatever scam they have in mind. This is especially true when the assumption makes their mark feel powerless, thereby limiting what he perceives to be his freedom of action. This keeps the mark (in this case the people of the United States) in position for the scam to succeed.The deceitful seed plays on something that makes the mark susceptible to the lie. In this case, the lie that impeachment cannot be used to call Obama to account for his tyrannical abuses plays on:

a) The residual guilt decent Americans feel about the historical injustices perpetrated against black people;

b) The persistent willingness of decent Americans to make amends for those past injustices by dealing with what may be their aftereffects in the present;

c) The sense, connected with this just and compassionate will, that "more is thy due than more than all can pay" – i.e., the sin of the offense is beyond redemption.In addition, the "Obama can't be impeached" lie exploits:

a) The persistent prejudicial stereotype that blacks are sub-human savages who lack the intelligence, rational discipline, and moral character to control their passions, however depraved or violent;

b) The residual racism that leads whites to validate this stereotype, consciously or subconsciously, so that they are disposed to assume that even clearly justified action against Obama for his crimes will stir blacks into an uncontrollable frenzy;

c) The sub-rosa fear among decent white Americans that a "make my day" reaction to black violence will eventually unleash a counter-surge of violence from whites, plunging America into a racial war with awful physical, moral, and spiritual consequences.

This complex of reinforcing factors produces an essentially irrational horror that tends to paralyze the nation's will. This paralytic complex is triggered by the simple mantra "You can't impeach the first black president." It is as if, by long and intense conditioning, a barrier has been implanted in the American mind intended to produce a paralytic effect. Provoked by the key word or phrase, this paralytic effect transfixes the nation's will so it falls helplessly onto the sword emplaced to be the instrument of its destruction.

This will remind readers who have seen Joss Whedon's movie "Serenity" of a sequence toward the beginning of the movie. The hapless administrator of a covert government facility is forced to his knees by a paralyzing blow from the even more covert enforcer of the oath of secrecy the administrator has violated. Helpless, the enforcer's victim leans slowly forward onto and past the point of a blade his executioner holds in place to run him through.

"You can't impeach the first black president." This is the mantra intended to paralyze America's psyche, drive Americans to their knees, and position them for the fatal blow that ends their existence as a free people. As you contemplate the scene, think on this question: "Who speaks the mantra that represents the paralyzing, ultimately fatal blow?"Unlike the scene in Joss Whedon's movie, in the real-life assault on America's liberty, the phrase is not coming from "what's his name?" – the black assassin. They come from Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, figures whose popularity with GOP-leaning conservatives targets those adamantly opposed to Obama.
Believe if you like that this is just a coincidence. Believe if you like that there is no resemblance between unfolding events that portend America's destruction, and a scripted stage play. Perhaps the complex of factors intended to paralyze your will has completely paralyzed your mind as well.If it hasn't, you will be able to discern in this "coincidence" the pattern that has prevailed in GOP politics through all the years overshadowed by elitist faction quislings like Boehner, Romney, McCain, and the whole gaggle of false flag conservatives they represent. It is a pattern of deceit, prevarication, and treacherous surrender.Is there no escape, then, from the scenario of America's self-destruction? How can there be, when even those who loudly proclaim their opposition to Obama speak words intended to transfix the nation for destruction?If your mind is still your own, do what was once en vogue in America: "Free your mind..." Prove that it's free by committing yourself to the one goal America's enemies want you to believe can't be accomplished: Pledge to impeach and remove Obama. In the upcoming election, make their willingness to do likewise your test of integrity for every candidate, politician, or pundit who claims to oppose Obama. If they refuse? Assume that they are, consciously or not, included in the scam to do us out of our liberty.As for the so-called "first black president" – "Be color-blind...[T]he rest will follow."To see more articles by Dr. Keyes, visit his blog at and his commentary at
© Alan Keyes

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