Saturday, August 23, 2014

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Respect is something everyone knows if you want it you have to give it...the first one you must RESPECT is yourself. Yes we have the RIGHT to dress and TALK and PROJECT ATTITUDE....The problem is by exercising that RIGHT comes the fact you maybe putting YOURSELF in the PROFILE BOX. In the scientific world there is a law that says "EVERY ACTION HAS AN OPPOSITE AND EQUAL REACTION"...What am I saying? It's already known that young BLACK MEN are PROFILED in the LAW ENFORCEMENT DATA BASE to look like a GANG-BANGER,DRUG PUSHER, EX-CONVICT, with much ATTITUDE. The problem is our culture in the inner city says this is the measure of how much of a MAN you are. DON'T MESS WITH ME I'LL BREAK YOUR FACE! PROBLEM...THE AUTHORITIES ARE EAGER TO TAKE YOU UP ON THAT CHALLENGE. Not only are we dying in our communities BLACK ON BLACK in numbers that exceed the combat casualties in Afghanistan, but when it comes to confrontation with the POLICE it too many time escalates to tragic,unnecessary LETHAL FORCE on their part....What can we do about this? Re-calibrate what the definition of a man is all the way to street level. A good place to start?.... PULL YOUR PANTS UP!   SELAH

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