Monday, August 18, 2014


What do I think about this heart breaking response to the tragic loss of this MAJOR
GENERAL? It is  negligent,disrespectful,selfish and shameful. He demonstrates daily part of
his mission is to demean our military,disrespect their sacrifice,neglect their care,destroy the
traditions,experiment with the social make up of our forces by injecting homosexual into the
services,putting women in combat units and aboard combat Naval vessels,cut their pay and
family support,reduce the force and increase the deployment frequency and insert insane
RULES OF ENGAGEMENT that cost many many lives including the life of this MAJOR
GENERAL. Our military was the GOLD STANDARD since WWII in spite of Vietnam,
Korea in hind sight was a victory even though we still maintain troops at the DMZ and the
NORTH AND THE SOUTH are still technically at war. SOUTH KOREA is now one of the
most advanced countries on the planet!! Do you enjoy your SAMSUNG,HYUNDAI, and
various other products are a result of a strong TRUSTWORTHY MILITARY
PARTNERSHIP....same with ISRAEL like you cell phone? and so many other hi-tech
advancements I can't count them.The are our strongest most enduring ally in the midst of an
ISLAMIC MESS. (THIS CREEP EVEN DUMPS ON THEM)...whew!!! There is more but
the point is we need to get rid of this ungodly demonic criminal in the White House. SELAH

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