Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Great Palestinian Lie : Pat Condell

Rev. James Wesley Jr originally shared:

This is an exchange I had with a couple of insulted MUSLIMS CONCERNING THIS VIDEO AND MY COMMENTARY...READ THE EXCHANGE IT IS VERY INTERESTING... I begins with a comment from an individual that calls himself GREG LIGHT, THEN IT GOES TO a MUSLIM named Harshad Palsule, ending with my response. Please feel free to join the discussion.

Greg Light

Jul 28, 2014

 your religion has done far worse , he who is without sin....ring a bell rev.?

Rev. James Wesley Jr

Jul 28, 2014

 Sorry it doesn' about "YOU JUDGE A TREE BY THE FRUIT THAT IT BEARS".  Everything outside of the ARABIAN DESERT THAT SPAWNED IT that ISLAM touches becomes vile,warped,deformed,bloody,twisted. The magnitude of the atrocities committed in the name of ALLAH in TODAY'S WORLD is horrendous. There is no MORAL EQUIVALENCY THAT CAN BE DRAWN BETWEEN CHRIST AND MOHAMMAD. For starters Jesus has given the believer the TRUE WORD OF GOD THAT DEFENDS IT'S SELF you can take it or leave it and not lose your head and have your family slaughtered. I could go on for days but don't have the time for an ISLAMIC CIRCULAR DEBATE. ISLAM IS AN EVIL GOVERNMENTAL/RELIGIOUS SYSTEM THAT IS ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE SAID.

harshad palsule

7:53 AM

 +Rev. James Wesley Jr people are dying. you think the common man wants this. it's leaders and idiots with big voices who stir an uprising. you think the rest don't want to live peacefully and see their children grow up and contribute to society in a helpful way? it's tiring to see something as pure and sweet as religion, any religion become corrupted by people who speak the complete opposite of what it preaches. and i'm tired of people thousands of miles away from the conflict comment on something they have no idea see these atrocities as numerous only because the media exists today to highlight everything from a cat stuck in a tree to a crippling feud. the crusades were worse, the Spanish inquisition despicable and the witch hunts of salem brutal. violence is everywhere and we could put any label on it. stop feeding the fire rev. you want genocide? that's cruel, but spurring on others to do it for you? that's psychotic.

Rev. James Wesley Jr

10:00 AM

Harshad? Obviously I'm engaged in what appears to be a discussion with a "MODERATE MUSLIM" I see this term as an OXYMORON, in light of "1600 years" of recorded history. It is because you will never take to the streets and condemn the atrocities that have been committed in the name of "ALLAH" in recent times (the last 50 yrs). You will "DANCE IN THE STREET WHEN OUR TWIN TOWERS GO DOWN", but are mute when the journalist's capture some of the most brutal and barbaric acts in modern times perpetrated on women and children and non-mu slims. No it's not just me, but the whole world is starting to wake up to the fact!!! This is the "TRUE FACE OF ISLAM", "JIHAD" "SHARIA"...."TAQIYYA"(basically LYING for ISLAM). In the end there is no PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE WITH ISLAM and while the reins of power are still predominately in the hands of the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES though we have a TRAITOR WHO HAPPENS TO BE A MUSLIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE, THAT IS GOING TO COME TO AN END ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. Then the PENT UP PUBLIC BACKLASH WILL BE FELT FROM DEARBORN MICH, NEW YORK STATE AND ALL ACROSS THE THIS NATION. You see because of the deafening SILENCE OF THE SO-CALLED MODERATE MUSLIM COMMUNITY IN THE FACE OF ALL THESE OUTRAGES you will see very little sympathy from the general public.

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