Wednesday, August 13, 2014


You know it's hard to believe that the vast majority of those on FACEBOOK opposed to OBAMA'S destruction of our nation still believe it's because of his "INEXPERIENCE", his experience or lack thereof has nothing to do with what he has done to this nation. This was his plan from the very beginning his radical team of advisers entered the White House with their "END GAME" in mind...and it has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams and no one is in prison or fired yet....and the wheels of this treasonous plan keep turning and accelerating. Treason is being committed openly with the help of the Mainstream Media...our nation is being disemboweled  from "Berry" fund raises with his communist supporters and plays golf in PALM SPRINGS. IT HAS TO STOP......but alas the JUDGE OF THE UNIVERSE HAS GIVEN THIS NATION TIME TO REPENT, HE DREW A LINE IN THE SANDS OF TIME AND WE MAY HAVE CROSSED IT ALREADY READ THE BOOK OF ISAIAH THE THIRD CHAPTER AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO A NATION THAT FORGETS GOD....THEN TURN ON YOUR TV....SELAH

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