Sunday, September 7, 2014

Black Tea Party Leader Lloyd Marcus Blasts MSM, Democrats and GOP Establishment for Racist Smears Against Tea Party

Lloyd Marcus
Tea Party leader Lloyd Marcus, chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee, leader and author of  Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has Shattered the Dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Black America, blasted the mainstream media, the Democrat Party, and establishment D.C. Republicans for smearing the pro-freedom, pro-Constitution Tea Party movement as “racist.”
Recently appearing with “Midpoint” host Ed Berliner on Newmax TV, Marcus, a prominent black Tea Party leader, said the smears against the grassroots American movement were completely contrived and were the opposite of his personal experience.

“I have been to 400 Tea Party rallies nationwide,” Marcus told Berliner. “No white person has tried to hurt me in any way,” he confirmed.

Marcus lambasted the GOP establishment in Mississippi for “despicably race-baiting,” against the Tea Party movement backed challenger Chris McDaniel against 42-year officeholder, current Senator Thad Cochran, whose dirty tricks and potential vote-buying scheme are under court review.

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Marcus made the point that the Tea Party movement is stronger than ever before. “No, the Tea Party movement isn’t doing all of the rallies we did before, because we are more sophisticated. We are working behind the scenes and getting candidates to run who are rock solid conservatives,” Marcus said, identifying Chris McDaniel (MS), Joe Carr (TN) and Joe Miller (AK) as examples.

Marcus admitted that the smear tactics of the trifecta of Democrats, leftstream media and RINOs has unjustifiably tarnished the limited government Tea Party movement.

“We are being battered by both sides. We are being battered by the Democrats. We are being battered by the Republicans, and we are the only folks standing up for the Constitution…” Marcus proclaimed.

“Okay, then wait a minute,” host Berliner abruptly interrupted. “Why are the Republicans embattering you?  [sic] You say the Tea Party is standing up for the Constitution, though. Don’t Republicans stand up for the Constitution?” Berliner asked.

“No!” bellowed a passionate Marcus. “No, because the Republicans think they have to be Democrat-lite to win elections,” Marcus explained.

Marcus gave a biased example of one major member of the Democrat Media Complex, CNN, which was a documentary about one of the many Tea Party Express  bus tours he participated in.

“They did not show one of the black Tea Party member’s faces in that whole documentary,” he revealed. “Folks at home are buying the lie that the Tea Party movement is racist and the Tea Party movement is against the black president.”

“They naively thought, ‘If we vote for the black guy…nobody will ever call us a racist nation again,’ and yet the Obama administration exploits race at every single turn,” Marcus emphasized.

“We are the last hope for America and for the Constitution,” Marcus concluded.


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  1. Rev James Wesley Jr
    You know somehow when the time comes..."I TOLD YOU SO"...seems inadequate or not relevant because it will be to late. There is no cure for "STUPID" which is the "CHILD OF WILLINGLY IGNORANT"...The Black community's 90+% support of "BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA" is "Cultural Suicide". With this "Amnesty" push concerning "Immigration" quickly rendering an already "watered down and manipulate" voting block "irrelevant" because we are in a "0-negative" population growth condition. President Lyndon Johnson's "WAR ON POVERTY" when inacted was touted behind closed doors by Johnson himself ..."THIS WILL KEEP THESE NIGGER VOTING DEMOCRATICALLY FOR 200 YEARS".The BLACK COMMUNITY has been and is being used and about to be replaced by the explosion of millions of Mexican immigrants will permanently put the community in the shadow of the "NEW MINORITY" are already feeling it in the Southern California area with the friction between "LATINO AND BLACK" communities. The demographic shift is the least of the problems this human wave of illegal aliens are bringing. DISEASES that are coming into our country from the jungles of central america are not common to the UNITED STATES, scabies, drug resistant TB, FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE,and many others. The health care system is in shambles, these illegals are be disbursed without medical treatment throughout the country by bus and plane....The Latino community and the Catholic church are flexing their influence and this issue backed by this corrupt treasonous OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.. Human nature is when you have the power "use it" is the problem and the black community is loseing the litle power it had. because the "Poverty pimps IE, Jesse Jackson,Sharpton,NAACP,Black Caucus" are misleading and feeding every negative tenancy within the black community. Now with the growing impact of the "Islamic scourge" and the push for "SHARIA LAW"...our time to seek the LORD in repentance is closing quickly. The LORD has a bone to pick with us...on a number of major issues IE,the majority of abortions are "BLACK INFANTS"..."JUSTIFICATION OF SODOMY AND GAY MARRIAGE"..."PROMOTING OR SUPPORTING PAGAN RELIGIONS"...all of these have "BIBLICAL" can't break these principals they will always break you! Open your bible it is "CULTURALLY,HISTORICALLY,SPIRITUALLY" accurate no one who has been blessed by the GOD of the BIBLE who "TURNS AWAY AND MOCKS HIM" has ever survived let alone "PROSPERED". JUDGEMENT IS COMING AND THE QUESTION THAT ECHOS DOWN THROUGH THE MILLENNIUMS FROM "MOSES TO JOSHUA AND FINALLY JESUS" WHO'S ON THE LORD'S SIDE?...CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE! YOU ARE EITHER FOR ME OUR AGAINST ME! TIC TOC TIC TOC....WHATCHA GONNA DO? THE CHOICE IS YOURS
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    Hurry... Hurry...Step right up!
    There’s no time to lose….come a bit closer it’s your turn…your choice so you choose! The game has been played the race has been run GOD called the enemy’s bet and “RAISED GOD THE SON”….
    The enemy has lost, but this I must say he is a cheat and a liar…he continues to play! Deceiving millions of people day after day! These foolish people won’t trust the Lord, what more can I say? They continue to gamble with this loser, they continue to play! Sorry to say, to late they find out...that the enemy’s chips are the “Wages of SIN” so even though you may win in the end you “still lose”….Oh well never mind…it’s your choice so you choose.
    Rev J.M.Wesley Jr
    @March 22, 1988