Sunday, September 21, 2014

[Listen] Gen Jerry Boykin – 
Marxists Have Taken Over Govt, 
Citizens Must Become More Engaged

Posted on 16 September, 2014 by Rick Wells
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General Jerry Boykin appears on the TruNews radio program and discusses the border situation, and the terrorist threat that is being exponentially increased by Hussein Obama’s policy of allowing anyone who chooses to come into America to do so unchallenged and at will. He affirms with certainty that what exists on the southern border, particularly in certain areas, such as south of El Paso in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, we have a war zone. As a former Delta Force commander, the General is familiar with what a war zone looks like. He details some of common occurrences, the dismembered bodies being discovered and the background of intermittent gunfire, saying, “The legal residents are really putting up with a lot down there right now.”Boykin says, “Up until probably less than a decade ago and really more three to five years ago, the drug cartels tried to stay under the radar, they didn't want to draw attention, they wanted to be able to move their drugs and all of that.” He describes how Hezbollah and Hamas infiltrated the cartels, which was what led to the appearance of gruesome brutality as a weapon of intimidation. General Boykin describes the preparations made by the Obama regime for the invasion, with prior knowledge, the recruitment of babysitters and facilities for warehousing the invaders. He believes, as most who have been paying attention to this invasion do, that this was very orchestrated, and that “those four-year-olds didn’t walk across the border from Guatemala into Mexico.”He also discusses the terrorists, thugs, and hardcore criminals who came across under the cover of “the children,” both the narrative and the physical diversion and distraction. He adds, “It’s been orchestrated and it’s just as phony as it can be.”Wiles points out how orchestrating an invasion and ordering a stand down of our defenses is treason. Boykin agrees, saying this is an absolutely lawless regime. The problem is that there is no leadership within our Congress that is willing to take him to task. They raise the point that an imperial president who has the authority to grant citizenship would also then in effect have the power to remover citizenship. General Boykin describes Americans as being asleep at the switch, not paying attention to what is going on because they live in an atmosphere of amusement, they seek amusement first. Asked why the Republicans are so docile, Boykin says the last thing they want to do is go down in history as impeaching the first black president. That has given them a pass to do as they please. Wiles says, they ought to be concerned with impeaching the first communist president.

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