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Texas Militia

Is this a vision of our future?
United Nations door to door gun confiscation
Amendment II United States Constitution
"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

"All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void." Marbury vs. Madison 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176, (1803) The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.
Militias are not in favor of having another revolution in America. We are for restoring a literal interpretation of the United States Constitution as the founding fathers intended with a strong emphasis on the bill of rights, states rights, and a limited federal government. Militias are not illegal. Militias are not anti-government. Militias are authorized by the US Constitution.
Militiamen realize, as did the founding fathers who threw off the tyranny of the British; that our rights come directly from God himself who is a higher authority than any government. On April 19, 1775 when government troops marched on Lexington and Concord to begin gun confiscation it was militiamen who stopped them firing the shot against tyranny that was heard around the world which started the United States of America. Without the militia there never would have been a USA.
Militias are for enforcing the US Constitution and recognizing it as the supreme law of the land superior to any international treaties and superior to any Untied Nations rulings. Militias are the last line of defense against tyranny and invasion. The Second Amendment is not about the right to keep firearms to go hunting. The Second Amendment is about the right of the people to keep and bear firearms to prevent a tyrannical government from infringing upon our God given rights and to ensure our ability to uphold and defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.
To be in our Texas Militia the requirements are:
1. That you are a rifle owning USA Citizen who is willing to uphold and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.
2. That your are physically fit enough to patrol keeping up with us with your rifle, at least 6 spare loaded magazines, and two quarts of water.
3. That you come to our training exercises.

We never charge for anything. We have no dues and no membership application fees. We do not require any background checks and we do not require you to have a concealed carry permit.
We only meet for training. We don't have any restaurant meetings and we don't do any meet and greets. If you don't care to come out to train with us then we don't care to meet you.
As an all volunteer force the militia differs from the military. All of our fire teams are autonomous. We want everyone trained and ready to start fire teams for force multiplication as masses of people wake up. If we are attacked we don't need a command structure any higher than the fire team or squad level since the only effective means of resistance for the militia would be that of many scattered small units of resistors waging hit and run guerrilla warfare from a multitude of locations so the invaders would never know where, when, or from what directions they would be hit from next. If we all grouped up in one place we would be an easy target for the enemy to find and eliminate.Rather than a top down command structure (which could be taken out or compromised) our Texas Militia is united by our common goal and standard operating procedure of maintaining our God given constitutional rights and upholding and defending the US Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.
A word to preppers/survivalists who only want free training from the militia, survivalism is a great skill set to have but survivalism is only a temporary solution. In 1775 when government troops marched on Lexington and Concord to confiscate firearms if the militia would have run off to be survivalists there never would have been a United States of America, we would be disarmed, and we would have no constitutional rights today. The militia is for freedom loving patriots willing to defend their God given rights not preppers/survivalists who just want to hide. Freedom has the cost of being willing and able to enforce it. "If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." -- Samuel Adams
Here is an excellent video illustrating the importance of the militia and our right to keep and bear firearms: "2A Today for The USA" click here to watch
We recommend this excellent documentary video you can watch for free here:9/11 The Road To Tyranny by Alex Jones
Our Texas Militia is focused on small unit light infantry combat training not to support a corrupt government but to keep a corrupt government in check. If our freedom is attacked it won't matter much how well trained any one Texas Militia Fire Team is if there are not enough militia fire teams. We need as many militia fire teams as we can get throughout Texas to keep any invaders or enemies of freedom bogged down on hundreds of simultaneous fronts to ensure our victory. We encourage all patriots to train with us and then start at least a 3 man fire team in their neighborhood or area. All patriots need to be combat trained force multipliers ready for the day when vast numbers of Americans (who have been pushed too far) are ready join with the militia in defense of our God given constitutional rights.
Our militia training exercises require physical exertion such as patrolling with a rifle, at least 4 to 6 loaded spare magazines, a load bearing vest or web gear to carry the magazines, a camelbak or a canteen, and other essential battle gear. If you would like to be notified of our next training exercise send an e-mail to: telling us a little about yourself such as any previous militia, military, or law enforcement experience; (previous experience is not required). Be sure to tell us what city in Texas you live in or closest to. If you e-mail us be aware that some e-mail service providers are anti-militia and are falsely calling all of our e-mails spam so be sure to put us on your address list, safe list, or send to list, and also check your spam folder if you don't see our reply.
To participate in the militia and to be combat effective you do not have to have an expensive semi-automatic rifle. If your need to save money you could get by with a military surplus bolt action rifle and military surplus gear. To see how to equip yourself on a budget Click Here
Texas Militia Training Exercise
Saturday September 20, 2014
Location: near Colmesneil, Texas

To See Where Colmesneil, TX is Click Here

ATTENTION MILITIAMEN: The Texas Militia is having a by invitation only training exercise on private land for rifle owning patriotic USA Citizens on Saturday September 20th and on Sunday September 21st until 12 noon near Colmesneil, Texas. Our militia training is free of charge. Our training is focused on small unit light infantry combat tactics. The training exercise starts at 8 am Saturday morning September 20th. If you have to drive very far you can pack the night before, go to bed early, and then get up at 5 or 6 am that morning to head out. You can camp out with us Saturday night to continue training with us on Sunday or you can go home Saturday night. Our advanced training will be on Sunday.
We will have live rifle and pistol fire including the stress fire training. We will have close quarters combat training and room clearing training besides our usual field training. We will have militia small unit light infantry combat training and force on force combat simulations using blank ammunition. After each battle we will have a debriefing to go over what we have learned from each combat simulation. Because our goal is to learn it doesn't matter which team wins each battle. The true winners are those who have learned something. We will have blanks on hand in .223, 7.62x39, and .308 for all participants in the combat simulations. You are welcome to bring your own blanks or we will have some we can sell you at our cost. If you don't have a blank adapter you can cycle your rifle by hand after each shot.
We are not meeting just to sit around and talk. All men attending our training exercises must be physically fit enough to hike with a rifle, web gear, canteen or camebak, and at least 4 to 6 loaded spare magazines. No news media or journalists of any kind will be allowed. No alcohol, drugs, or illegal weapons will be allowed. Cell phones and cameras must remain in your vehicle.
We will practice ambushes, counter-ambushes, and patrolling. We will also have class room type training so bring a note book and a pencil too. Our force on force small unit light infantry battle training with blanks will be conducted as combat simulations to learn from not as games.
Bring your rifle, handgun, ammo, balloons to shoot for a reactive target, a battle load, web gear, camelbak or canteen, camping gear (if you are camping out with us), folding or camp chair (if you don't want to sit on the ground), entrenching tool/folding shovel, toilet paper, drinking water, and what you want to eat. So we will have more time for training you should bring food that is already cooked that only needs to be warmed. Wear camouflage BDUs if you have them or you can wear hunting camo if you don't have BDUs or you can even wear dark earth toned street clothes if you don't have camo. Bring a flashlight. Bring a poncho in case of rain. If you don't have it all, bring what you can and collect what you don't have over time.
For recommended militia gear and how to set it up click here.
To get an invitation, maps, and directions to our militia training exercise send an e-mail to and tell us a little about yourself such as any previous militia, military, or law enforcement experience and tell us what city in Texas you live in or nearest to.
Some e-mail service providers are anti-militia and are falsely calling all of our e-mails spam so if you e-mail us be sure to put us on your address list, safe list, or send to list, and also check your spam folder for our reply.
Fire Team Patriot is recruiting and training patriotic militiamen in the Lufkin, Huntington, Zavalla, Jasper, Woodville, Nacogdoches, and Colmesneil, Texas area. Contact Fire Team Patriot
Fire Team Bronson is recruiting and training patriotic militiamen in the Houston, Texas area and in the greater Houston metropolitan area. Contact Fire Team Bronson at:
Fire Team Brazoria is recruiting and training patriotic militiamen in the Brazoria County, Texas area. Contact Fire Team Brazoria
The Dallas City Troop Militia is recruiting and training patriotic militiamen in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. Contact Fire Team Dallas City Troop
If your militia unit does not have a website and if you want a militia fire team listing with your e-mail address posted on this website you can be considered for one by demonstrating your leadership ability by attending our Texas Militia Training Exercises with at least two other men that are on your fire team.
Several of the militia fire teams listed above are much larger than just the 3 man fire team minimum and are actually at the squad, platoon, or greater strength but for reasons of operational security we are not listing their size.
To be in our Texas Militia all you have to do is be a rifle owning USA Citizen and be willing to uphold and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic and then you must also come out and train with us. We do not require background checks and we do not require you to have a concealed carry permit. Militia units start with just a 3 man fire team and build up from there. All militiamen are encouraged to start a fire team in their neighborhood or area. No fire team commands any other fire team and we do not need a state militia commander or a centralized militia command which could be compromised.

The militia/patriot movement backed down the gun hating Clintonista's in the 1990's. Now the Socialist Obomination regime in power in D.C. are even more anti-gun than the Clintonistas were and they are trying to sign the US on to the United Nations Gun Ban Treaty to ban firearm ownership in the US.
On December 31, 2011 Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law in total violation of our God given constitution rights saying that US Citizens in the US can be arrested in secret, never given a trial, and can be secretly imprisoned for the rest of their lives in FEMA Concentration Camps.
Freedom is not free it comes at a price. If we did not have militias to ensure our God given constitutional rights then traitors in the government would not hesitate to ban firearm ownership by signing on to the United Nations Gun Ban Treaty, start door to door gun confiscation, and try to put us in FEMA Concentration Camps.
Your first mistake on a battlefield could be your last mistake. We all need to train and we need to train often. Most men are already proficient with a rifle. What you can learn training with us are small unit light infantry combat tactics, how to fight as a team, the art of fire and maneuver, and how to train a local defense group to fight as a team.
This is why you should train with a militia; if a group of 12 hunters with no small unit light infantry military or militia experience fought against an equally equipped invading foreign military 12 man long range reconnaissance patrol the group of hunters would be wiped out 9 times out of 10 because the hunters do not know the art of fire and maneuver and they do not know how to coordinate their efforts to fight as a team. The small unit light infantry training we provide militiamen will make them highly effective force multipliers and they will be better able to implement Mark Koernke's 5/10 plan (the 5/10 plan is for all militiamen who can to store firearms, ammunition, and equipment to outfit 5 to 10 additional militiamen).
If World War III starts or if FEMA's priority Red List arrests start and communication and transportation goes down you might not be able to link up with your existing fire team but you can quickly train patriots you meet if you have learned how to fight as a team from our militia training. If you are not familiar with "The Red List" please see the article THE RED LIST - FEMA's Priority Red List Arrest Plans further on down this web page.
It is up to each fire team to decide which camouflage pattern and colors are best for their area of operation. We do not require militiamen to wear Multicam BDUs. Mulitcam is good for West Texas but Army Woodland BDUs and Marine Woodland Digital BDUs are much more effective than Multicam in East Texas and they cost less than Multicam. Multicam is too light a color and to brown to blend in well in East Texas 90 percent of the time where the predominant color is green until we occasionally get into winter brown out conditions. Olive drab is also good and it does not fade as much as camo. Hunting camo can work well in the fall and winter.
For recommended militia gear click here
For recommended militia rifles click here 

To get firearms for the least amount of money it is best to buy them from a part time gun dealer (FFL holder) who is not trying to make a living selling guns like a gun store owner is. Buy them on a cost plus basis from a part time dealer to save money. You purchase a money order to send to the gun seller or the gun wholesaler the amount he is going to charge the gun dealer for the gun paying for it in advance. Mail the money order for the gun with a signed copy of the gun dealer's FFL license to the seller. Then when the gun arrives at the gun dealer you pay the gun dealer the set rate you had him agree upon (often it is just $25 or $30) to transfer the gun to you. You can find such gun dealers here Shotgun News Dealer List and here Gun Broker.Com Dealer Listjust enter your location and it will list the gun dealers that are willing to do firearm transfers for you in your area.

Ammunition can be hard to find sometimes but it can be found quickly with this ammo search engines like this one: and with most free checking accounts you can get a free MasterCard or Visa debit card then you can order ammo and hard to find equipment over the Internet and get it shipped to you immediately before it becomes out of stock.

OATH KEEPERS is an association of Active Duty US Military, Veterans, and Police who will honor their oaths to uphold and defend the US Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic and who promise not to obey any unlawful orders:
1. We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people.
2. We will NOT obey orders to conduct warrantless searches of the American people.
3. We will NOT obey orders to detain American citizens as unlawful enemy combatants or to subject them to military tribunal.
4. We will NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a state of emergency on a state.
5. We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty.
6. We will NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps.
7. We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.
8. We will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to keep the peace or to maintain control.
9. We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies.
10. We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.
"I accept the definition of patriotism as that effort to resist oppressive state power. The true patriot is motivated by a sense of responsibility, and out of self interest -- for himself, his family, and the future of his country -- to resist government abuse of power. He rejects the notion that patriotism means obedience to the state." Congressman Ron Paul
"All of the armies of Asia and Europe cannot by force of arms take a drink from the Ohio river nor lay a track upon the Blue Ridge mountains. If this nation is to fall it shall fall first from treachery from within and then by forces of arms from without. Decide how you wish to live. Pass on your arms to those who will fight if you will not. May your chains rest lightly if you do so. If you are going to hang on to them then know how to use them. Victory over the invader." Mark Gregory Koernke

The patriot band Poker Face wrote RATHER DIE for Mel Gibson's movie THE PATRIOT but the words reminded people that freedom is not free so Hollywood would not allow it to be used in the movie. Then Ethan Koernrke (Mark's son) put this video together from excerpts from the movie. Only brave patriots who are willing to fight for their God given rights can gain freedom.

There are many excellent instructional militia videos Mark Koernke has made:
How To Put Together Simple Load Bearing Equipment (web gear)
Equipping For The New World Order by Mark Koernke
Here is Part 1
Mark Koernke has 46 militia videos here

Many good videos are often deleted by YouTube. We recommend you save Mark Koernke's instructional videos and all good videos you find to your hard drive then burn them to disks to hand out to people in your militia group to watch and learn from. YouTube has made changes to their videos trying to keep people from downloading them. The best method we know of that still works to save YouTube videos to your hard drive is a free program called YouTube Down Loader. You can download it The best free .mp4 and .flv player we have found for playing downloaded YouTube videos is Media Player Classic Home Cinema. Media Player Classic Home Cinema can play them on the full screen so your friends and family can all watch from across the room. Go here to download Media Player Classic Home Cinema http://download.cnet.comAlwyas choose "Custom Install" when installing these or any other programs to avoid trojans and spy ware.
Mark Koernke's militia/patriot internet radio program THE INTELLIGENCE REPORT is on five hours a day Monday thru Friday. To hear Mark Koernke's 4pm, 5pm and 7pm (central time) programs go or go to towards the top left click "Log In or Sign-Up" then sign up for a user account and sign in to listen. To hear Mark Koernke's 8am and 9am (central time) programs go to or if you have WinAmp installed click or enter this link into WinAmp.
From Vol. 1, Issue 3 of Republic Magazine
Militia: Property of...We The People
By Mark Gregory Koernke

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