Friday, November 28, 2014

Exclusive: Alan Keyes asks, why does GOP 'continue to dance politely with Obama'?


Published: 13 hours ago

In the aftermath of World War II, Soviet-backed Communist Parties consolidated their monopoly of power in the countries of Eastern Europe. However, to facilitate control and give the appearance of “democratic” elections, the communists allowed for the existence of parties nominally distinct from the Communist Party, though in fact subservient to its agenda in all respects. “East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Poland operated bloc party systems where non-Marxist parties were constituent members of an official coalition. A similar system operates in China today.

To all intents and purposes, the two so-called major parties in the U.S. political system, though nominally distinct, now function as bloc parties under the aegis of an elitist faction clique. Its money and media masters dictate the leadership of both parties, as well as the ideological parameters within which they operate – much as the Soviet Communist Party dictated the agenda of the parties of Eastern Europe, albeit from behind the scenes.

Though for reasons of expediency, its leaders still eschew the communist or even socialist label, the Democratic Party is now cast in the role played by the party in each Eastern bloc country that, whatever its name, formally adhered to the communist/socialist agenda (e.g., the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, the Polish United Workers’ Party, etc.). The Republican Party has become the nominal alternative for ballot purposes, creating the illusion of democratic choice without in fact placing any really effective obstacles in the path of what is, in effect, its dominant older sibling.

This sham party system masks what remains of the struggle between the real opposing sides in the United States. On one side are those still loyal to the founders’ goal of representative government, of by and for people determined ultimately by the natural law, i.e., the provisions of God for the existence of humanity. On the other are those who have discarded the premises of the American founding, beginning with the premise of creation. They favor an assertion of human freedom that acknowledges no limit or boundary but that imposed by the probabilities of conflicting power.

I say what remains of the struggle because the residual momentum of the original founding has, in my lifetime, been of such consequence as to produce living conditions that left many Americans oblivious to the fact that, as a free people, they were engaged in a desperate battle for survival. Insofar as they awaken to it now, it is rightly with the sense that the time is upon us in which it will be decided one way or another.

Since the end of the Reagan era, opponents of their liberty have stealthily maneuvered toward this climactic interval. They first inflated, but now have systematically degraded America’s living conditions. The former course softened the character of the people with the tantalizing illusion of endless vistas of convenience and satisfaction. The later degradation aims to cow and intimidate. So the reality of the struggle has become more and more painfully self-evident.

There are, of course, those who are happy to die like insects, suddenly, blithely unaware of the blow that, strips them of humanity and life. They think it kindness to be ended thus. But others would rather live, though in the shadow of death, with fear and corresponding courage, as human beings: Conscious of mortal danger, yet not cowed. Instead, they are determined justly to choose, as God bids them to do, in favor of the dauntless spirit that rises in defiance when lawless force brandishes fearful dangers to intimidate and enslave their conscientious will.

Such brave Americans are larger in number than their supine, self-blinded and self-abasing compatriots. But the whole point of the elitist faction’s political sham is to make sure that faithful, brave Americans remain ignorant of their own strength, so that they exhaust themselves and their resources to win victories that lift up “dumb idols: Who will not see the danger until the people are overwhelmed by it; Who will not hear the people’s outcry in pursuit of right and justice; Who will not walk faithfully according to the promises they made in order, by deceit, to make their way into offices of power (1 Corinthians 12:2, Revelation 9:20).

Shortly before Barack Obama’s announced his decision to follow Hitler’s logic of executive power to sweep aside America’s immigration laws, Sen. Ted Cruz said Obama’s action would be bring on “constitutional crisis,” a “moment of testing.” He declared his hope that “we will see Republicans in Congress stand up and side with the people against the lawless president.” Cruz is supposed to be one of the principled voices of the GOP. Yet in the face of Obama’s criminal actions, he spoke of his “hope” that Congress would act so that “the president does not become an unaccountable monarch.” Thus timidly he speaks, instead of demanding that his colleagues in Congress join him in leading the American people in constitutional battle to call Obama to account and expose him for what he is: a failed, deceitful demagogue, repudiated even by many of those who were once taken in by his lies.

Why does Obama arrogantly defy the people of the United States? Because he a “dumb idol,” a figurehead fabricated by the power of an elitist clique bent on hijacking America’s destiny to restore the age-old regime of oligarchic tyranny. However, the more critical question now is: Why do the leaders of the GOP, though recently empowered by the political will of the people, continue to dance politely with Obama, instead of rousing their supporters in defense of the Constitution by beginning the process of impeachment, which it provides for such a time as this


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