Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Milwaukee, County Sheriff, David A Clarke calls Eric Holder a racist.

By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.
What courage in the face of the coming treachery that will probably follow him by the left!
They are no doubt fuming! But man, the truth stings, doesn't it? Sheriff Clark has the guts to be fair, telling it like it is, in the face of anybody, white or black, unlike Obama and his Attorney General who are both P.O.S.

He has more integrity than the whole Democratic party combined. He is a black representative, but he is an American FIRST and puts the country before racial animus. He rationally knows, as do most of the adults in this nation, that race relations were much better before Obama and Holder. The left has aggressively gone on a campaign to stir up faux hatred between the races. There is a very lucrative business that would crumble if the truth were allowed to flourish, that people were becoming more united. But, the music industry depends of racial divisiveness to sell the edgy hatred because of imagined oppression from the police and the white man, and politicians need the divisiveness to control the races to get them to vote the way they want for parties, like for a team, rather than on issues. Liberals have admitted they think the American people are stupid and easily manipulated to do what they have decided they want for them, because the populace, in the Liberal’s opinion can’t be trusted to think for themselves. Factually the reverse is true, liberal/progressives are followers crawling around with their heads up the next liberal’s ass looking for a new ideas, which of course will be failed ideas.

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