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Exclusive: Alan Keyes challenges Phyllis Schlafly over claim U.S. is 'a 2-party country'Published: 13 hours ago

Despite Phyllis Schlafly’s tragically outdated protest to the contrary, America is not “a two-party country.” Thanks to the elitist faction’s deadly choke-hold on the GOP, dutifully applied by the party’s quisling leadership, we have already degenerated into a one-faction dictatorship.

Harry Truman is famously associated with the story about a farmer who keeps hitting a donkey in the head with a two-by-four before barking a command at him. These days the SPCA would surely want such a farmer brought up on charges for practicing cruelty to animals. Sadly, middle- and working-class conservatives still deluded enough to keep investing hope, time and their increasingly scarce financial resources in the GOP’s rigged casino are being treated much like that farmer’s jackass. The faction presently in control of the GOP smacks them in the head with some ever-more egregious betrayal of what are supposed to be the party’s views, just before ordering them to “assume the position” for their votes to be harvested at election time.

I greatly admire Phyllis Schlafly’s record of courage and persistence as a champion in the fight against leftist policies and the mind-numbing cant that promotes them. She and others like her have dedicated their lives to the cause of conserving the essential character and institutions of the America’s constitutional republic. But it’s long past time for them to accept the fact that the GOP (Grand Old Party) has become a DUD (Destructive Unconscionable Deception), i.e., a big ol’ lie. The history of the 20th century is littered with the corpses of decent human beings who fell prey to the triumph of such “big lies.” If conservative voters “assume the position” even one more time, the decent liberty of the American people is likely to be among the first such casualties of the 21st century.

In 2010 and again this past November, many conservative voters still enthralled by the GOP mirage went to the polls to vote for GOP congressional candidates. Once more they took a leap of faith into the polluted waters of the present two-party sham. Some did so in response to the siren song of conservative rhetoric from candidates who looked and sounded as if would fight courageously for the moral principles and institutions of the constitutional republic. Some accepted to vote for candidates who were obviously handpicked blank pages, ready for the letterhead of power, wealth and privilege their elitist faction benefactors inscribe upon those who do their bidding.

Whatever their motivation, two-thirds or so of the freshman GOP representatives deluded conservatives helped elect in 2010 betrayed the promises of fiscal responsibility and discipline they mouthed to win conservative votes. When they voted to re-elect Boehner, similarly promising candidates (like Mark Walker, Barry Loudermilk and, if Glenn Beck is any judge, Chris Stewart) betrayed the clear promise or definite impression that they would reject capitulation to Obama. I saw this as convincing evidence of the toxic nature of the GOP’s present political culture. It wrings the decency out of people, twisting them with promises and threats until all but a few, even of the ones who sincerely meant to represent the conservatives whose views they espoused, ended up betraying them. Under quisling leadership, the GOP takes sincerely well-intentioned people and turns them against their own resolve.

As decent Americans sought to demonstrate their adamant opposition to Obama’s derelictions, deceptions and highly criminal abuses of power, the Boehner quislings didn’t welcome and encourage their display of political will. It didn’t stiffen their resolve to fight Obama’s push to dictatorship. On the contrary, it roused them to declare war against those they decried as “tea party” extremists. They proudly declared it to be their intention to crush them and duly celebrated every sign that their intention was being fulfilled.

During the nominating process that preceded the 2014 election, the Boehner quislings mobilized enormous resources to thwart those who adamantly espoused opposition to Obama’s destructive, anti-constitutional agenda. They went so far as to openly defraud the GOP electorate in places like Mississippi, making it clear that they were willing to rely on people clearly loyal to Obama’s agenda, rather than permit the victory of grass-roots conservatives adamantly opposed to him.

In this respect the quisling leaders treated staunch conservative opponents of Obama as the enemy. They aimed repeated blows at them, as if the jackass in Truman’s story was no longer the symbol of Democrats, but of the GOP’s republican [note the small "r"] constituency. In 2014 that constituency dutifully went to the polls to hand the quisling leaders a victory of historic proportions despite all their efforts to prevent a result that would eliminate their excuse for collaborating with Obama’s dictatorial coup.

Yet instead of speaking and acting on the fact that the election’s result was a mandate to stop Obama’s anti-constitutional coup, Boehner, McConnell and the other quisling leaders have adopted a stance consistent with the party line of Obama’s supporters: the 2014 election was no mandate. As in 2010, continue to assume a position that dutifully grants Nancy Pelosi’s wish for elections that don’t matter much.

Readers here and at my blog know that I applauded and tried to aid the congressional representatives who sought to replace John Boehner as speaker of the House. Some characterize their valiant effort as a failure. I say it was a successful demonstration of the courage it will take to restore the American republic. Boehner’s so-called triumph only confirms what has become the pattern of GOP subservience to the corrupting domination of the elitist faction. It has profound implications for the fate of the American republic, which I discuss further in my next blog post.


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