Monday, February 16, 2015


Op-Ed By: Rev James M Wesley Jr, 16 February 2015 @ 2:49 PM
I don't consider myself a "FILM CRITIC"...but in these times when the HOLLYWOOD MACHINE is completely committed to MOLDING THE MIND OF THIS GENERATION AND PUBLIC AT LARGE as a propaganda arm of the CRIMINAL OBAMA ADMINISTRATION. This has been express in their general themes, and hostile views concerning CHRISTIANS, CONSTITUTIONALIST, PRO 2nd AMEND INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANIZATIONS, ANYONE OR ORGANIZATION THAT SUPPORTS THE "CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT"...all of these individuals and organizations have been placed on the BARRY SOROTO aka BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA'S "ENEMIES LIST" under the orchestrated direction of his CHIEF ADVISER VALERIE JARRETT....Which means not only the "FBI, DEA, AND HOMELAND SECURITY" BUT ALSO THE "U.S. DEPT OF EDUCATION "CORE PROGRAM", which brings us to the MAIN STREAM MEDIA NEWS ORGANIZATIONS"...this is a complete and highly coordinated "MASS MIND CONTROL, AND PROPAGANDA MACHINE"...all pervasive. 
     Now let me REVIEW a new film, with a JAMES BOND theme called, KING'S MEN. Like many recent releases from HOLLYWOOD that have spent MEGA BUCKS to twist BIBLICAL STORIES SUCH AS "NOAH" and "EXODUS" taking poetic license with the BIBLICAL NARRATIVE as if believers saw it as just another story or fairy-tells. Both of these "BLEW UP IN THEIR FACES"...why? The real believers raised in the CHURCH saw through these sham efforts to disrespect the BIBLICAL NARRATIVE and spoke out. Now with the blockbuster movie KING'S MEN the villain's plot revolves around a so called FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIAN CHURCH that of course is filled with hate and bigotry, and paint those who disagree with the serious issue of HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE, ABORTION, PATRIOTISM, AND CONSERVATISM as dangerous right wing nut cases. The last scene I could stomach was one where an ALL WHITE CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION IN KENTUCKY IS HOME TO AN EVIL PLOT TO CONTROL THE WORLD OR IS PART OF THE VILLAIN'S SCHEME (PLAYED BY SAMUEL L JACKSON). SUDDENLY THE ONE OF THE HERO'S IS SHOWN BEING CHALLENGED FOR TRYING TO LEAVE THE ON GOING CHURCH SERVICE AND IS ATTACKED AND HE IMMEDIATELY BEGINS "SHOOTING AND KILLING" AS A FREE FOR ALL BREAKS OUT....WELL THAT IS WHEN I "WALKED OUT"... you consider yourself a believer, anti-abortion, or patriot/conservative, pro 2nd AMEND/CONSTITUTIONALIST? This movie is blatant in it's BASHING AND TWISTING OF THE CHURCH AND IT'S VALUES, as well as shaping the context, to make it look like a reasonable position. Now here is what separates CHRISTIANITY FROM ISLAM, no theaters will be bombed, no marches held, no threats to the writers and producers...but we do have an obligation as FREE MEN AND WOMEN TO SPEAK UP AND VOTE WITH OUR DOLLARS....AND BY WORD OF MOUTH SHARE THE EXPERIENCE....AND YOUR SENSE OF OUTRAGE.

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