Friday, February 27, 2015


Exclusive: Alan Keyes says Giuliani stopped short of the truth in criticizing Obama Published: 13 hours ago

I am reminded of the scene from some television comedy I once saw. After many unsuccessful contrivances, an unfaithful wife, determined to eliminate her arrogantly unsuspecting husband, finally manages to deliver what appears to be a fatal blow. Wising up at last, his eyes wide with surprise and shock, her husband gasps, “Does this mean you don’t love me anymore?”

Enter Rudy Giuliani, supposedly speaking for America’s wounded feelings, letting us know that Obama doesn't love America. Yet it says something deeply uncomplimentary about America’s leadership during this era of purposely induced decline that a well-known star in the GOP’s firmament has taken this long to get less than halfway to the truth about Obama.

I say halfway because, like the unfaithful spouse in the slapstick comedy, Obama has approached the task of bringing American down with studied ingenuity. Nothing that contributed to our success has escaped his destructive efforts. Refusing seriously to address the issue of his eligibility for office, he quietly sneered at the authority of the Constitution’s words. Seeking to confer voting privileges on the D.C. delegate in Congress, (which the Constitution explicitly withholds), he waved off another constitutional provision. Seeking to usurp Congress’ oversight of the decennial Census, he sought to poison the electoral root of its independent representation of the people.

In the years since then, his repeated tyrannies and usurpations have induced every symptom of pious outrage from GOP leaders, but little effective resistance. Even now, they are doing their best to make sure Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders on illegal immigration move forward unhindered. They are also working to pass a new international trade agreement that will increase his power to negotiate and implement policies that sell out America’s economic potential.

Unfortunately, Rudy Giuliani actually epitomizes the abandonment of American principle that is at the root of these repeated GOP betrayals. In America’s history, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States have represented the standard of right and justice for which Americans in every generation risked and gave their lives.

The Declaration literally states the premises for the form of government the Constitution implements. It is a republic, constrained by respect for the equal, God-given rights of all Americans. This is not because we are all wealthy, talented and wise, but because we are human beings, who are presumed to be willing to live according to the common sense of right and decency which God instilled into our consciences.

The Constitution exists to implement these principles of equal justice, as well as America’s assumed commitment to respect and do what is right, as the aim of just government. The contemporary attack on the Constitution is the effect of the simple fact that the most greatly blessed, but also most sinfully ungrateful elite class in the history of humankind has pretty much abandoned allegiance to the Declaration’s principles, especially its first and most important premise, that right and rights are endowed by God.

Barack Obama brings into focus the elitist faction’s enmity toward the moral premises of the American way of life. Too many of our preening, self-worshiping elites long for the glory days, when powerful people could strut the world like little gods, whom so-called common people dared not look in the face. Their mouths are full of compassion for the needy, weak and downtrodden, but their actual policy respects nothing but power. It drips, also, with Nietzsche Ayn Randian contempt for those too meek, weak and lowly to be acclaimed as the builders of America’s greatness.

When I heard that Rudy Giuliani was questioning Obama’s love for America, I wondered, “Why does he still refused to admit that it is hatred, not the absence of love, which drives Obama?” It drives the whole elitist faction Obama represents. Giuliani stops short of the truth. So should I be struck dumb by his bold courage, or intrigued enough to investigate his odd failure of perception?

America’s Declaration principles are the well-spring of the spirit of right and justice that has time and again aided those who hungered and fought for justice in our society; that has time and again encouraged our troops and affirmed the nobility of their physical and moral sacrifice. Respect for those principles is a vital touchstone of the love we bear our country.

But Rudy Giuliani figures prominently among those Republicans who stand in support of the specious right to kill innocent babies in the womb. They discard the principle that each and every human being is possessed of unalienable rights that no human government or individual can justly transgress, whatever their relative power. He figures prominently among those who declare their support for specious “gay rights” but say nothing about the ongoing attack on the God-endowed unalienable rights of the natural family. Thus he contemns the Declaration’s avowed respect for the “laws of nature and of nature’s God.” Thus he ignores the words of the U.S. Constitution’s Ninth Amendment, which explicitly prohibits denying or disparaging such antecedent rights of the people, whether or not they are enumerated in the U.S. Constitution.

Discard the principles of the Declaration, and government of by and for the people must fail. Discard democratic-republican government, of by and for the people, and America will be no more. But, his anti-Obama rhetoric notwithstanding, Rudy Giuliani agrees with Obama when it comes to abandoning the nation’s principles.

Are we supposed to forget that love is about what you care for, not what you stand against? Giuliani criticizes Obama’s deficiency of love, yet he himself abandons the premises of America’s national identity. Such abandonment speaks more of hate than love, whether it is Obama or Giuliani who perpetrates it. Aren't we forced to wonder what there is, in principle, to choose between them?

Let God-endowed right be destroyed, by open assault or sly betrayal, and America dies with it. In choosing among those who aid and abet its demise, what reason have we to believe that any of them represent a true answer to the Detective Kojak’s characteristic query: Who loves ya, baby?

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