Friday, February 13, 2015

By Dean James AMERICAS FREEDOM FIGHTERS - Lately (since Obama took office) we have been battling with the issue of racism on any and every area of life. Worst since the Civil War

Op-Ed By: Rev James Wesley Jr, 13 February 2015,@ 5:03 PM

Truth be that SCENARIO (social/political/economic collapse) many will die...won't be any room for POLITICAL CORRECTNESS or will be a time when you better KNOW WHO HAS YOUR BACK! No matter what color they are....TRUST WILL BE IN SHORT SUPPLY, and problems won't be worked out in TWO ONE HOUR EPISODES...there will be just as many VICIOUS BACKSTABBING BLACKS, AND LATINOS marauding in the chaos....W.T.S.H.F. Everyone will come to know DEATH IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER... SELAH

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