Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Op-Ed By: Rev James M Wesley Jr, April 22,2015 Wednesday @ 3:57 PM

The unfolding events facing our nation is giving rise to "THE PERFECT STORM OF SOCIAL/POLITICAL/ECONOMIC CHAOS!!  THIS FRUSTRATION,AND CONFUSION has caused millions to prepare to defend themselves from our own government!! This has raised the frightening specter of CIVIL WAR (AND POSSIBLE RACE WAR) this modern age of high tech weapons and the government's control of every major avenue of communication and transportation and production. All that is needed now is a reason for MARTIAL LAW (OBAMA IS COVERTLY AND OVERTLY ASSEMBLING A CIVILIAN ARMED FORCE) this is what HITLER HAD, and that was an army OF DEMONIC MERCILESS MINIONS TO COMMIT SOME OF THE WORST ATROCITIES IN RECORDED HISTORY. That is why there is such a major push to RID OUR ARMED SERVICES OF CHRISTIANS AND REPLACE THEM WITH MUSLIMS AND OTHER FOREIGN NATIONALS AND THE PRODUCTS OF OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM THAT HAVE BEEN PROPERLY INDOCTRINATED. Those who will, without blinking, slaughter millions without a second thought, and then go by a PIZZA AND A MILK SHAKE. The question is are there yet patriots today willing to face such odds? Knowing the probability of victory is very,very low, and the certainty that casualties would be astronomical....The answer is Yes. Why does it have to be this way is it preordained because of how far we have fallen from the LORD? In the natural scheme of unfolding events we come to The nightmarish truth about the COWARDICE,AND INDECISIVENESS OF THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF...may result in a civilian uprising... No this is about the destruction of the Constitution and the Republic, is this the beginning of the shot heard around the world? a Violent Confrontation? a few Deaths??? No not a few, but MANY..if things don't change. It will be messy,cruel,unrelenting. What will be left after Obama's purge of the ranks of the military and law enforcement? (Then there's the matter of the billions of rounds of  ammo that was purchased ?)This leaves a heartless anti-christian,monster led by OFFICERS WITH NO HONOR OR MERCY. TROOPS? REMEMBER THE SS,USSR,STASI,??AUSCHWITZ,DACHAU? WHERE DO YOU FIND AN ARMY OF PEOPLE LIKE THAT??  JUST LOOK AT THE DHS,IRS, AND MUTATED MILITARY. My question to all which may read this article WHERE DO YOU STAND WITH JESUS? ARE YOU BORN AGAIN? In a Democratic Republic it is WE THE PEOPLE that elect those who govern(are going to be held RESPONSIBLE)...So everything that has transpired over the past two or three decades WITH THE PUSH OF AN UNGODLY JUDICIAL/LEGISLATIVE ... SYSTEM MILLIONS OF UNBORN/PRE-BORN HAVE PERISHED IN THE ABORTION MILLS...AND THE SPREAD OF PERVERSION ON EVERY LEVEL OF SOCIETY... IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY THERE IS THE ENDORSEMENT OF HOMOSEXUALITY,THE NATION'S PORNOGRAPHY IS EXPORTED AROUND THE WORLD...THE REJECTION OF THE WORD OF GOD IN OUR EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM SINCE THE EARLY 1960'S!! Our nation is nearly completely SECULARIZED K-12 AND ON TO POST GRAD.... Could Chapter 18 of the BOOK OF REVELATIONS BE SPEAKING OF OUR NATIONS??? WE ARE NO LONGER FEARED OR RESPECTED GLOBALLY BY FRIEND OR FOE...AND THIS CHAPTER DECLARES "IN ONE HOUR HER JUDGEMENT WILL COME"..."SHE WILL BE OVER THROWN BY VIOLENCE"....there an appeal to the UNCOMPROMISING REMNANT OF CHRISTIANS "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE SO YOU WON'T BE PARTAKERS OF HER PLAGUES"(RAPTURE SEASON)...SELAH  (REV 18 MYSTERY BABYLON MOTHER OF HARLOTS BOASTS "I AM A QUEEN, I SIT ON A THROWN WILL NEVER SEE ANY SORROW")....SELAH

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