Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Op-Ed By: Rev James M Wesley Jr. Tuesday May 13,2015 @ 12:41 AM

We are the greatest nation the world has ever seen. I believe we have been SET APART as exhibit "A" to show the world how it can be done. Powerful,prosperous,and free with a massive MIDDLE CLASS POPULATION. Our current unrest is being propagated by a corrupt administration that is RACIST TO THE CORE. They are encouraging professional parasites called RACE BAITERS to agitate and inflame unrest in our trouble urban centers. These USEFUL IDIOTS don't have a CLUE,but they do have an AGENDA. The destruction of our great REPUBLIC...Like all
REVOLUTIONARIES AFTER THEIR GOAL IS ACHIEVED IT'S THE GOOD LIFE FOR THE LEADERS AND A DOG'S LIFE FOR THE USEFUL IDIOTS THAT BROUGHT IT ABOUT. How do I come to this conclusion? Let's say I'm a student of HISTORY AND HUMAN NATURE WITH SOME GLOBAL SOCIO-POLITICAL REALITIES THAT SEEM TO BE CONSTANT AND PREDICTABLE. I LOOK AT THESE FLAG BURNING "IDIOTS",WITH A WARPED SENSE OF WORLD AND AMERICAN HISTORY AND ECONOMICS...PROBABLY FAILED BOTH IN GRADE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL IF THEY STILL OFFER IT. Useful idiots,low information voters blindly following a CAUSE THAT HAS NO FOLLOW UP PLAN THAT INCLUDES THEM. So now what happens when the REVOLUTION IS OVER??? Hmm? Have you looked at Sub-Sahara Africa???....dictatorships,bogus economies,corruption,civil wars, disease, starvation, Muslim slave trade and's not about racism...but the uniqueness of this nation of ours and it's diversity,freedom,capitalism,and our foundation of a Christian/Judeo heritage, and work Africa on the other hand? It's all about RACISM(CULTURAL AND TRIBAL)......IT HAS NEVER WORKED AND NEVER WILL...SELAH

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